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Hi, I'm Anna, and I first came to Pizzo with my sister in the mid-1970s, at a time when few foreigners visited Calabria. For four years I lived and worked among the local people before returning to the UK.  


After an absence of 30 years, I came back to Pizzo.  I created this website because when I was planning my trip, I found it very difficult to get any information about Pizzo.


I'm an experienced and qualified Tour Guide with an International Tour Guide Certificate.  My tours are entertaining and enjoyable, and my aim is to help you get the most from your visit.  I'm described by local people as being 'in love with Pizzo'.  It is this deep love of Pizzo that I bring to my tours, sharing my years of local knowledge and experience with you.


"Anna's tour was interesting, fun and she is filled with knowledge of Pizzo! Her joy of Pizzo just shines through. If you need her during your stay in Pizzo, she is certainly there for you!"


"Anna, our guide, delivered a fascinating insight into the culture and history of Pizzo from medieval times to the present day... I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and now look at the town in a different way."

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"My trip was fantastic, and I just want to thank you again for everything."


"Thank you for your wonderful website, it is very informative."


"I saw your website, and got really excited! I'm shocked how little information is out there for this area of Italy."


"Anna is amazing! She helped me so many times with any questions, trip advice and gladly answered my endless emails!"


"Thank you so much, the itinerary is absolutely perfect! I really appreciate your professionalism, and the thought you put into meeting our varied needs."


"Thank you very, very much, for all your help, your information is very helpful."


"It's been challenging organising everything, but working with you made it so much easier! Thank you so much."


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Welcome to the leading guide to Pizzo with visitors from over a hundred countries. Our mission is to bring you the best of Pizzo at a price you can afford, and to make your stay here more enjoyable.

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Anna goes the extra mile to share Pizzo with you


"We got married in Calabria, and wanted to organize a tour to share Pizzo with our guests the day after the wedding. We had a million things to organize relating to the wedding, and so found Anna through her website. Anna was incredible to work with from the very beginning, responding promptly to my emails and really listening to what we thought would appeal to our diverse group of guests. She went above and beyond and crafted a special itinerary for us and sourced out a local resataurant to have dinner at. She was warm and friendly, accomodating to our needs and so very helpful.


We had a large group of approximately 40 adults, a mix of Italian family members and guests from overseas, and Anna seamlessly catered to all the diverse needs of the group (which ranged from people who were older, pregnant ladies, new babies, even a person with a sprained ankle!).


We started off the tour with a visit to the Cave Church, which was stunning, and then followed that by a visit to a tartufo restaurant where we got to watch the process of making tartufo and sample the wares :) We then did a short tour of the castle, with time for other members of the group to shop around the main streets if they liked, and then ended at a local restaurant/piano bar and had a lovely meal.


We had visited Pizzo in the past with our family members who lived in a town nearby, and were concerned that they would be bored by the tour. We were pleasantly surprised to see them completely enjoying the tour, as they had no idea about the cave church and learned lots of new facts about Pizzo. Our other trips mainly consisted of grabbing tartufo and exploring the main piazza, but Anna really gets you to see the layers that make up the town.


I highly recommend her services as a guide!  Thank you SO MUCH for everything Anna, you really helped wrap up our wedding festivities beautifully. I do hope our paths cross again in the future."

Wedding Party Tour

English speaking tour guide/locals in Calabria


"My trip was to research for a fiction book I am writing. I needed to speak to locals (but my Italian is limited), and visit places that are not necessarily best tourist attractions but would give me a real feel for Calabria, including local habits, religion, food etc. I wanted to meet up with locals to understand a bit more about the area and the culture.


Anna is the lovely guide I used the services of. She is based in Pizzo for a few months a year (over the summer), is bilingual (English and Italian) and knows the area very well. She researched a lot for me before my trip, and had everything lined up for me when I arrived.


We had a fantastic time together, and it felt like being amongst good friends all along. Her website is full of information and advice as well. Thank you Anna, and thanks to my hosts in Pizzo in whose rental apartment Anna arranged for me to stay."

Author's Research Trip

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