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Historic Centre

Pizzo's medieval old town is a maze of interconnecting alleys and ancient houses built steeply up the hillside.  There are no cars here, and climbing up and down steps is a must.  It's minutes from the Piazza, with easy access to shops, cafes and restaurants.  The nearest beach is Pizzo Marina, which is 5 minutes walk downhill from the Piazza.  The centro storico is the heart of Pizzo, and you will be living closely with local people in an area full of characteristic local colour.

Pizzo Marina




The marina is the beach area of Pizzo Town, with a mix of old houses and modern apartments built on the seafront.  There are cafes, restaurants and cocktail bars along the promenade, and it's a popular place to come for dinner and drinks in the evening.  You have access to the sea and beach in minutes, and a 10 minute walk uphill to the Piazza.

Via Nazionale

Via Nazionale is a long main road built across the top of Pizzo, and is the town's modern shopping street.  You will find shops, supermarkets and many residential modern apartment blocks here.  The local street market is held here each week.  Locals live and shop here, and it's a 10 minute walk downhill through the old town to the Piazza.





This is a small residential area 1 km outside Pizzo along the Via Prangi coast road.  The famous Piedigrotta cave church is here, and a handful of small shops and a bar.  There is a footpath down to the beach, and sea views of the Gulf of Lamezia.  It's a 20 minute walk along the coast road to Pizzo, but the road has no pedestrian footpath, so you will probably want to hire a car or take a taxi.





Pizzo Beach Club




Marinella is a modern beachside residential zone 4 km outside Pizzo.  New apartments, some restaurants, an ice cream parlour and miles of sandy beach make this a popular holiday area.  There are many holiday homes here, and it's lively in high season but deserted the rest of the year.  It's great for a beach holiday, but you will need a car to drive into Pizzo.

This is a new 5 star beachside apartment complex with pools and leisure facilities.  It's 10 km outside Pizzo, next to the Club Med holiday resort.  Built along miles of deserted coastline in the Gulf of Lamezia, these developments reach a long sandy beach by walking through a pine forest. Perfect for holidaymakers who want a modern resort with onsite facilities in a secluded location.  Pizzo is a 10 minute drive away, so you will need a car if you want to see local life and colour.

Borgonovo, Fioribello and Napitia Hills are new holiday apartment complexes with pools built on the hillside outside Pizzo.  They are in secluded locations on the edge of Pizzo at either end of the Via Nazionale, with sea views over the Gulf of Lamezia.  You will need a car to get around and to go to the beach.

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