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Italian ice cream

Italian gelato

Tartufo ice cream

Pizzo Tartufo

Tartufo Ice Cream

Grazie a Gelatograndinetti di Pizzo for this video

Pizzo is a town built on ice cream, and is known as 'La Città del Gelato', ice cream city.  It is famous for its homemade ice cream, particularly the Tartufo di Pizzo which is a local speciality truffle ice cream.


The tartufo is a large ball of chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, filled with melted chocolate fudge sauce and rolled in cocoa powder.  


The master ice cream makers of Pizzo are renowned craftsmen.  They use only the finest ingredients in their secret recipes, and handmake the ice creams fresh each day.

Tartufo di Pizzo





Watch master ice cream

maker Gigi Corallini

making Tartufo di Pizzo

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There are at least twenty ice cream parlours in Pizzo, and sampling the local ice cream is a must for any visitor.

Ice Cream Heaven

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