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Many fairs and festivals take place in Pizzo throughout the year.  They are always exciting events, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.  There are many seasonal and arts festivals, with performances and stalls showcasing local products.  Religious festivals are celebrated by processions carrying venerated statues around the streets.


The Tourist Information Office, called Pro Loco, is currently closed.  You can buy some basic leaflets about the main sights at the Castle.  There is very little good information available, and to get the most from your visit you will need to take a guided tour.

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Tourist Information Office


Pizzo has a classic southern Mediterranean climate, enjoying warm weather from April to October.  The summers are usualy hot and dry with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Temperatures in July and August are 25-30°C with 12 hours of sun a day.  Spring and autumn are both good times to visit.  The days are warm and sunny, the beaches are deserted and temperatures average 20-25°C.

Murat Festival

Easter Procession

Pizzo Main Piazza

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Pizzo Beach Bar

The cost of living is very reasonable in Southern Italy, and less expensive than in the North. Although accommodation in Pizzo is not cheap, expect to pay less for your daily living expenses.


A pizza and drink at a local restaurant will cost about €10.  Coffee is €1.50, while a bottle of wine, soft drinks and ice cream are €2, and a beer costs €3.  Fresh seasonal fruit and veg are usually about €1 a kilo, and local supermarkets are competitively priced. There are plenty of banks and cash machines in Pizzo.  


The weekly street markets are full of colour, and a must if you like a bargain.  Use them to buy produce from local farmers, local cheese and salami, and to pick up souvenirs to take home.

Cost of Living

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August is the month when the whole of Italy shuts down, and the Italians go on holiday.  The population of Pizzo increases, as Italian holidaymakers seek la dolce vita in Pizzo.  Accommodation prices are at a premium, and Pizzo is hot and lively, with evening entertainments and exhibitions in the bustling central square.  


The first two weeks of August are the busiest, peaking at the mid-August public holiday, and tailing off towards September.  You will love the holiday atmosphere, as Italians throng the streets and beaches relaxing Italian style.


Take a deep breath... the rest of the year Pizzo is quiet.  A tranquil oasis of deserted beaches, and warm local people who have time to welcome you to their town.  From April to October you will find good weather and a warm welcome in Pizzo.  Life follows the relaxed Southern Italian rhythm, including the evening stroll known as the passeggiata.  When not at the beach you can join locals socialising at the cafes & restaurants in the main piazza, which is known as 'the living room' of Pizzo.

When to Come

Easter - Holy Week of Processions & Events


April 23 - St George Procession


May-September - Exhibitions, shows, concerts & food

                              festivals throughout the summer


early June - Festival of Art


mid June - Welcome Summer Festival


July 16 - Madonna del Carmine Procession


September 8 - Madonna delle Grazie Procession


October 8-13 - Murat Festival


mid October - Autumn Festival


November 1 - All Saints Fair

Public Holidays   April 25 - Liberation Day

                            May 1 - Labour Day

                            June 2 - Republic Anniversary

                            August 15 - Assumption (Ferragosto)

Markets   Thursday 8am-12noon - Pizzo

                Saturday mornings - Vibo Valentia

                Monday mornings - Vibo Marina

Local Produce

Pizzo Street Market

Sailing at Sunset

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